Airship Caduceus

Lexington, Kentucky

Greetings, from the crew of The Airship Caduceus! The Caduceus is a Medical Frigate operating out of Lexington, Kentucky – crewed by an eclectic collection of steampunk enthusiasts given to flights of fancy, fantasy and fun!

We look forward to expanding our crew – both for the good of the ship and in the interest of meeting new people and making new friends – and will welcome newcomers to our monthly meetings where we discuss all aspects of the steampunk world, have classes on how to make steampunk themed items, and make plans for the annual Symposium in Cincinnati, Ohio where we compete in the Steampunk Olympics!

As a member of our crew, you’ll be encouraged to develop a “crew persona” of your very own, and remember, no matter how large the crew may grow, there’s always room for one more!

Learn more about Airship Caduceus by visiting their Facebook Group Page